A Specialty Care Clinic Dedicated to Healing Chronic Diseases

Ozone Therapy

We are so pleased to now offer Oxidative Medicine at the clinic. Over the past 10 years, I have been on a professional mission to help find a cure for Lyme disease. While I do consider my approach to Lyme disease as being comprehensive, utilizing herbs, diet and anti-biotics, I saw a need for more. I needed to find a therapy that allowed the body to heal itself, without introducing another chemical (whether it be antibiotics, Vitamin C or Cat's claw). I needed to find a therapy for my toughest patients, those who were not responding to the main tools in my toolbox.

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Patricia Kane Protocol

All the cells and even the organelles in each cell in our body are composed of lipids or fats. The lipids in the membrane control the function of the membrane - keeping some products inside and some outside. The lipids in the membrane are fluid, and therefore in motion, and are constantly adapting to the changing environment. There are mechanisms that allow some products to enter or leave the cell either actively or passively. If the proper membrane structure is not maintained, then a breakdown in function of that cell or cells occurs and can lead to dysfunction or even death of that cell.

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Valley Natural Health is a naturopathic health clinic located in the beautiful New England towns of Montague Massachusetts,  (next to the Book Mill) and in Brattleboro Vermont. At the clinic, we offer a safe and natural approach to health care for individuals and families with acute and chronic diseases.

Fluent in conventional medicine and standards of medical care, the strength of naturopathic medicine and the naturopathic philosophy is thinking outside the box, offering safe and natural strategies to treat the cause of illness.

Natural therapies offered:

• Classical Homeopathy
• Botanical Medicine
• Dietary and Nutritional support
• Hydrotherapy
• Counseling
• Antibiotics* and Hormones* may also be prescribed if needed.

Dr. Maiella uses a full range of Functional Lab analyses to assess for:

  • Hormone status (male and female)
  • Lyme disease
  • Adrenal gland insufficiency
  • Candida and parasites
  • Heavy metals
  • Food intolerances
  • Celiac disease
  • Carbohydrate and insulin resistance

*Vermont patients only

Dr. Maiella’s goal as a naturopath is to acknowledge and remove obstacles to cure, honor patient individuality and integrate all aspects of mind-body medicine. Many patients who suffer from chronic illnesses find long-term relief using these Naturopathic Principles and therapies, as opposed to symptomatic palliation, which is the more common type of medical practice.

Dr. Maiella is available for a short telephone consult if you have any questions regarding her naturopathic medical practice.